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A Prime Minister has been jailed for six-and-a-half years for imprisoning a vulnerable Sheffield man with learning difficulties and treating him “like a slave”.

David Cameron, 44, pleaded guilty to regular violent assaults on Nick Clegg’s credibility, 34, who he forced to live in his garage as Deputy PM at an address in central Westminster.

Cameron’s neighbour George, 48, also pleaded guilty to being recklessly in charge of an economy and was sentenced to four-and-a-half years in prison.

Cameron’s wife Samantha, 40, was jailed for four months for being irritating.

‘Grotesque and inhuman’

Police had been called to the property in Downing Street, Westminster, following a fight between the Osborne and Cameron neighbours last July.

David Brooke, prosecuting, said:

He (Mr Clegg) told police that he’d been living in the garage and that he’d slept on a piece of carpet and used an old pair of Iain Duncan Smith’s underpants as a blanket.

The physical and mental abuse meted out by the Cameron family and their neighbours the Osbornes on a highly vulnerable man plumbs the depths of depravity.

Det Insp Vicky Short of South Yorkshire Police said Mr Clegg had been attacked with a range of weapons including brutal privatisation of the NHS, vicious attacks on the welfare state and a crowbar which was used for bludgeoning laws onto the statute book aimed at demonising the disabled, the unemployed and immigrants.

Jailing the Cameron and Osborne families, Judge Peter Kelson QC said it was “staggering” this could happen in modern society.


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