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(not satire!)

The makers of Benefits Street – Love Productions – have possibly put the participants of the programme in danger after a deluge of death threats were made against them:

Threats of death and violence after Channel 4 programme Benefits Street

But the producers of the Channel 4 programme have been accused of putting people’s health at risk for the sake of reality TV before – including young children and babies.

In 2007, the same producers were accused of putting babies at risk during the making of a controversial programme called The Baby Borrowers.

At the time, Dr Michele Elliott, of child protection charity Kidscape, described the show as ‘sick’:

BBC ‘puts children at risk’ for reality TV show

And in 2009, the same producers were accused of “deliberate torment by adults of children in obvious distress” in their controversial reality TV programme Boys and Girls Alone:

TV show is likened to Plymouth mum’s video nasty

Is it only me wondering when someone is going to put a stop to sick people like this making money from tormenting innocent people for the sake of so-called entertainment?


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