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(not satire – it’s the UK today!)

UK’s biggest buy-to-let landlords – who are evicting their poorest tenants because of possible future arrears – were once in arrears themselves.

Landlords Fergus and Judith Wilson – who have just decided to evict 200 of their poorest tenants because they say they might be in arrears with their rents one day – were themselves in arrears on their mortgages to the tune of £350,000.

Here’s a story about the Wilsons from today:

One of Britain’s best-known landlords has sent out 200 eviction notices

And here’s a story about the Wilsons from 2009:

Buy-to-let icons owe £350,000 on mortgages

Looks like Hypocrite of the Year Award 2014 has already been won only 4 days into the new year.


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