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Police have launched a large-scale operation including sniffer dogs and up to 30 officers to search for 400,000 missing immigrants from Bulgaria and Romania.

The immigrants were last seen boarding planes in their hundreds of thousands on the front pages of the Daily Mail and Daily Express newspapers in the early hours of Wednesday morning but authorities say there has been no sign of any of the immigrants for the last two days.

Police have made detailed searches in the vicinity of Heathrow and Gatwick airports with officers making house-to-house inquiries in various locations around the country and alerts have been placed at all entry points into the UK for authorities to keep a look out for the missing eastern Europeans.

Authorities are concerned for the safety of the immigrants, 400,000 of whom had been expected to turn up on Nigel Farage’s doorstep, wearing scarves on their heads, old trousers tucked into Wellington boots and knitted shawls around their shoulders, demanding benefits and buckets of straw to feed their horses.

Police have renewed their appeal for anyone who may have any information regarding the immigrants’ whereabouts to come forward.


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