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(not satire – it’s the UK media)

Is the Guardian resorting to using underhand means to boost its beloved Lib Dems and damage Labour in the eyes of its centre-left readership in the run up to the next election?

I’ve caught the newspaper twice distorting news stories recently to boost the Lib Dems:

Guardian claims Lib Dem MPs opposed the bedroom tax when they supported it

Oops! Guardian accidentally gets a headline wrong about the Lib Dems. Again.

And today I got this Guardian headline in my Facebook feed:

Gurdian lies again about Labour MPs

It’s a picture of Labour MP Keith Vaz welcoming the 2 Romanian migrants who arrived at Luton airport on New Year’s Day – with the mocking headline:

Romanian ambassador mocks UK MPs awaiting arrival of migrants

The only problem is that it’s completely untrue. In his Huffington Post article, the Romanian ambassador doesn’t mock the ‘UK MPs awaiting arrival of migrants’ – he mocks the UK media waiting at Luton as well as right-wing politicians in general for their anti-immigration hysteria.

He’s not referring to Labour MP Keith Vaz at all – who has been rather critical of anti-immigration rhetoric.

So the Guardian’s lying. Again.

And since it’s been revealed (by me mainly) that Private Eye editor Ian Hislop is also a secret Lib Dem fan, there seems to be a dearth of anti-coalition supporters in the UK press.

Well that’s a surprise, isn’t it?


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