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(not satire)

Go back in time a bit.

A coalition government of conservatives and liberals – backed by the Rupert Murdoch press – wins the general election.

The coalition starts to implement policies which hit the poorest the hardest – fees for healthcare including GP visits, attacks on welfare for the sick and disabled, cuts to funding for further education, as well as countless other attacks on the low paid.

The new government also starts to attack green policies put into place by the previous government and gives large tax cuts to large corporations – policies which favour big business again at the expense of the poorest.

Sound familiar? Of course, except that this election didn’t take place in the UK in 2010 but in Australia in 2013.

There are so many similarities between the two coalition governments in the UK and Australia its frightening.

Both governments use the same PR advisers – Crosby Textor – which has advised both governments to try to win public backing for their policies with campaigns designed to demonise immigrants and blame newcomers for the ills brought about by their own policies.

It seems this is becoming a truly global war on the poor.


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