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(not satire – it’s the UK today!)

A hacker from Singapore has created a free program for UK internet users to bypass Cameron’s attempts to ‘filter’ block internet sites.

It’s a Chrome extension called Go Away Cameron – and it can be downloaded for free here:


If you don’t use Chrome as your browser you can download it for free here.

I’ve already written about how Cameron is aiming to censor not just porn but political websites like this one:

How Cameron’s plans to block on-line porn could also block political sites

The speed at which a program like this has already appeared shows just how pointless the government’s attempts to censor the internet are.

For the more technical minded, here’s an explanation of how the program works from the creator himself:

I’m the creator and I’m a Singaporean. I built a variant for Singapore’s censorship ( getgom.com ). It’s very popular in Singapore, and the users of Singapore help pay for it.

So I decided to extend the service to UK, the very moment I saw how much of a cluster-shit the UK is doing.

It’s actually a very simple service. Private proxy servers (with auth), proxy software with 0 logs, etc. But if done individually, it’s very tedious. So I automated it with a Chrome extension.

It’s just 1 guy (me) behind this. No organisation, no investors, just a side project. And I have no intention of changing this status quo.

I pay for it with upgrade subscriptions. An open/public proxy leads to abuse, and a logarithmic bandwidth usage. This extension automates bandwidth saving (turns off proxy once you stop pr0ning), as well as automation of proxy setting.

Not everyone cares/knows about setting a proxy in their browser, but a lot of people care about bypassing firewalls/filters/censorship. And installing an extension? It’s easy!


Cluster-shit? That’s good. I’ll have to start using that one.


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