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(rape trigger warning)

The SWP leadership’s appalling efforts to dismiss and belittle allegations by two female members against a senior member of their Central Committee have brought the revolutionary socialist organisation to the brink of complete self-destruction.

But just who is the man at the centre of sexual harassment and rape allegations – simply referred to as ‘Comrade Delta’ by the SWP – which have done so much damage to the party?

‘Comrade Delta’ is of course Martin Smith – long-time National Secretary who (apparently) resigned as a member of the SWP last July.

There was always a small chance the Socialist Workers Party could have survived the devastating long-term effects of the extremely serious allegations against Smith which emerged round about a year ago.

But it’s increasingly looking unlikely after the SWP’s recent disastrous conference which has led to yet more resignations from its already depleted membership.

The remaining thousand or so members left in the party are resorting to more and more bizarre explanations as to how they could have come to this sorry pass – one popular conspiracy theory amongst remaining SWP loyalists is that Smith was brought down by Jewish infiltrators who hate Jazz (I kid you not).

So one man – Martin Smith – has managed to do what MI5 and others tried for decades to do but failed – namely bring about the destruction of what was until now the most successful and influential left-wing revolutionary political party in Britain.

Wonder if anyone’s checked Wikileaks to see if there’s any record of someone by the name of Martin Smith on the payroll of MI5 yet?


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