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(not satire – it’s Simon Stevens!)

Simon Stevens is the Uncle Tom of disability activism.

I’ve written about him before:

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So why does the so-called progressive Huffington Post insist on giving the execrable Stevens space on its pages for his attacks on disabled people?

Do they think it’s OK for Stevens to air his prejudiced, jaundiced, anti-disability views – views which they wouldn’t normally give the time of day to if they were being expressed by just about anyone else – because he happens to be disabled himself?

Here’s another more recent example of Stevens’ objectionable views on disability in the pages of the Huffington, this time he writes in an article that autistic children should just learn to be ‘more patient‘:

When I hear parents say their autistic children do not have the patience to queue, I sigh, because that could be said about any child and surely we all need to learn patience!

I understand that Stevens has decided that the best way for him to make money from writing about disability is to play the part of an anti-disability disabled person. After all, you can’t deny it’s a pretty unique position to take.

And I also understand that the Huffington Post will claim that they are simply allowing diversity of opinions about disability – and anyway, as one of their official bloggers, Stevens doesn’t represent the opinions of the publication itself.

Well boll*cks to that.

Because stating that all autistic people need to do is to “learn patience” is dangerous, damaging nonsense that I wouldn’t expect to see in such ignorant and prejudiced tabloid media such as Fox News, The Sun or the Daily Mail.

The Huffington Post should be thoroughly ashamed of itself. 


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