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(not satire – it’s the UK today)

It seems government ministers are desperately trying to cover up a huge error they have made which has resulted in military personnel being denied hundreds of thousands of pounds in pension payments.

In 2010, the coalition government announced it would be making thousands of military personnel redundant in an effort to save money.

However – in what seems to have be an oversight – some military personnel were made compulsorily redundant just before their pension rights would have become operational.

The military personnel affected were offered some compensation – but pensions experts like Alan Higham have calculated that the amount of compensation offered will mean some of the personnel will lose out by as much as hundreds of thousands of pounds in pension payments.

And to make matters even worse – instead of holding up their hands and admitting their mistakes – government ministers seems to be intent on brushing their massive cock-up under the table.

Evidence of the cover-up could be seen yesterday, when Conservative councillors on Rushmoor Borough Council – which includes the barrack town of Aldershot – unexpectedly refused to back a motion asking the government to pay more compensation to ensure military personnel do not lose out.

Here’s that story in more detail:

Council’s cold shoulder to servicemen denied pensions

According to councillors who were present at the meeting, the shock refusal by the Tory group – who are in control of the council – came after they received a letter from a Government Defence Minister urging Tory councillors to reject the motion. Which, of course, they dutifully did.

But why, I wonder, are government ministers taking such an intense interest in a motion being discussed by a local borough council?

Could it be ministers are scared stiff that news of their cock-up and heartless treatment of serving military personnel will get out to the wider public?


Thanks to justice4forces for the heads up on this one.

And here’s a petition you can sign:

PM David Cameron: Keep your promise to our troops & compensate service personnel made compulsorily redundant close to pension point


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