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The British Prime Minister at Tuesday’s memorial service in Johannesburg for Nelson Mandela may have appeared to have been real during the four hours he appeared on television screens around the world taking pictures of himself and other leaders, but he was a fake, observers said Wednesday.

The so-called ‘prime minister’ seen at FNB stadium taking selfies with other leaders has been dubbed the ‘fake leader’ and the international community is in outrage,” said a spokesperson for a federation of international leaders, in a statement.

He was not elected and is a complete fraud. He didn’t give a damn about Nelson Mandela. It is a total mockery of leadership,” he added.

While dignitaries addressed the crowd at Johannesburg’s FNB stadium, the unidentified, suited man was accused of producing inappropriate facial expressions, such as laughing and smiling, and using titles such as ‘leader‘ and ‘prime minister‘ which were meaningless, experts said. 


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