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In a speech to the House of Commons on Thursday, the Chancellor George Osborne set out more details of a planned clampdown on workshy grannies and feckless grandpas after the next general election.

Mr Osborne told MPs during his Autumn Statement that the UK can no longer afford unemployed grandparents who think they can layabout doing nothing all day on state benefits such as pensions, and he added that further permanent cuts to senior citizens will be required to make the public finances “sustainable”.

The cap on unproductive elderly relatives is an attempt by the Chancellor to put permanent limits on the number of people getting old and to introduce massive reductions of spending on luxury items such as disabled children and cancer patients.

Mr Osborne yesterday hinted that, even after the current austerity programme, more cuts to the numbers of people who are either too old or too sick to stack shelves in Poundland will be needed to give Britain an “affordable state”.


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