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On the day of the sad death of legend Nelson Mandela, senior UK Conservatives have defended their party’s anti-Mandela and pro-apartheid history by saying that when they said “Hang Mandela” in the 1980s they meant it in a nice way.

A spokesperson for the party said:

When we said “Hang Mandela” we didn’t mean he should be hung in a horrible way. We meant he should be hung with all the respect and honour deserving of a great legendary hero of our time.  And when we said the ANC was a terrorist organisation we meant they were quite nice terrorists not at all like those ghastly, horrible Muslim ones.

British Prime Minister David Cameron today paid his own personal tribute to Nelson Mandela after his death:

Nelson Mandela was not just a hero of our time, but a hero of all time, and as I and other Conservatives pointed out at the time he was imprisoned, we should all hang Mandela posters on our walls,” Cameron said.

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