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Nigella Lawson: I used coke only a couple of times in a recipe. And Pepsi only once.

TV chef Nigella Lawson has shocked the entertainment world with an admission that she has used coke and pepsi in recipes at least “a couple of times”.

The admission came at a court case involving her and her ex-husband Charles Saatchi who accused Ms. Lawson of using coke or pepsi to flavour a vanilla cream carrot cake with tangy lemon and ginger topping.

Mr Saatchi’s lawyers also accused the daughter of former Tory MP and chancellor Nigel Lawson of once using part of a bag of half-eaten salt and vinegar flavour crisps in a deep fried southern-style chicken wing with almonds and crispy potato wedge recipe.

Mr Saatchi claims he tried to help his former wife to reduce her habit of using crap ingredients in her recipes by regularly grabbing her by the throat and threatening to destroy her.

The court case continues.


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