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(not satire – it’s the UK today!)

Six months ago, Richard Fearnside was travelling home from holiday on a night ferry across the channel. He went on deck for a cigarette and never returned. Nobody knows what happened to Richard. We don’t know if he fell or jumped or was pushed from the deck. He has never been found.

There was no CCTV on the deck of the P&O ferry. If there had been a CCTV camera on the deck, it could have been checked as soon as Richard was reported missing and it may have helped the search and rescue teams find him in time.

In response to the tragedy, Richard’s parents are now campaigning for ferry and cruise operators like P&O to install CCTV on their decks.

P&O, however, have been completely indifferent to the Fearnside family’s plight.

They say it would be impossible to cover all the deck areas – which is of course untrue. Supermarkets for example have no problem covering much larger areas by CCTV.

In fact, P&O themselves have all their shopping areas onboard their ships covered by CCTV in order to protect their goods from theft.

So it seems P&O value their shop goods and deem them more worthy of protection than the lives of their passengers.

Over to you P&O.


Here’s an article which describes the story in greater detail:

P&O Ferries Refuses to Install CCTV or Man Overboard Systems after Passenger Disappears


And here’s the petition by Richard’s parents urging P&O to install cameras on the decks of their ships:

P&O Ferries: Install CCTV cameras on passenger decks


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