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Movie Legend Michael Douglas is to reprise his Oscar-winning role as the ruthless London Mayor “Boris Johnson” in a new film to be released next year.

Edward Pressman, the producer of the original 1987 film ‘Wall Street’, has signed a deal with 20th Century Fox to develop the sequel, which is to be called: ‘Buffoonery Never Sleeps’, after one of Johnson’s two-a-penny catch-phrases, alongside “Only one lunch is for wimps“, “greed is jolly good for chaps” and “buller buller buller!“.

When the mayor hit office in 2008, ‘Boris Johnson’ was not a big hit. However, it did draw a cult following among financial types and Old-Etonians and Michael Douglas went on to win a best actor Oscar for his role as a fat, clown-like harmless idiot who underneath is actually a bit of a right-wing c*nt.


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