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(not satire – it’s the UK energy companies!)

The CEO of Energy UK Angela Knight is in the news today for (again) defending energy companies’ price rises.

Somewhat bizarrely she said energy companies are “more socially responsible than supermarkets” and yet again blamed rising wholesale costs of energy for consumer price rises – an argument which has already been shown to be completely untrue.

As I showed in a previous blogpost, wholesale prices of energy have in fact fallen since 2008, not risen:

This graph shows wholesale energy costs are not the reason our bills have been going up

So how come the CEO of Energy UK is able to so openly lie to the public without so much as a blink or a twitch never mind a drop of sweat passing over her brow?

Perhaps she’s an expert poker player or has a background in military intelligence as a highly-trained psyops operative able to employ a range of indicators to influence the enemy’s emotions, motives, objective reasoning and behaviour?

No – I can answer that one.

Angela Knight used to be a Tory MP.


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