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(not satire – it’s Michael Gove!)

A Twitter account used by Education Secretary Michael Gove’s advisers is in trouble again for nastily abusing a critic.

Here’s the latest embarrassing tweet from @toryeducation which manages to belittle anyone with mental health problems:

Gove adviser mental

Earlier this year the Department for Education took steps to stop the same Twitter feed being used by Michael Gove’s advisers to attack and abuse his political opponents and critics.

At the time, Gove and the Tory Party denied it was an official account and tried to remove all references to it from their own official accounts.

But here’s a screen shot I got (before it was removed) showing @ToryEducation was on the official list of Conservative Campaign Headquarters (CCHQ) Twitter accounts:

Pantomime villain of leftie education folk?

With all this cowardly hiding behind Gove it looks much more like a pantomime dame to me.


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