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(not satire – it’s Nick Clegg!)

At exactly the same time Nick Clegg was at Cambridge, records show someone by the name of N.Clegg joined the Cambridge University Conservative Association between 1986 and 1987. Clegg however maintains he has “no recollection whatsoever” of joining the association.

Clegg then worked for EU Trade Commissioner and senior Conservative Party MP, Leon Brittan in his private office, as his speech writer and adviser.

And after the 2010 general election, Nick Clegg went into a coalition with the Conservative Party when he could have accepted a looser Confidence & Supply arrangement between the two parties.

Since then he and his party have accepted every policy suggestion of the Conservative Party and helped make them law.

Stop fighting it Nick! You know – and we all know – that deep down your heart belongs to the Tory Party.


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