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(not satire – it’s the Tories!)

Senior Tories are openly accusing the police of lying during the so-called ‘plebgate’ incident.

A very different reaction to how senior Tories reacted when people suggested the police may have lied and been part of a conspiracy to smear the victims of the Hillsborough tragedy.

They called those allegations “contemptible”.

Here it is in black and white in a 1996 letter from senior Tory ‘sir’ Bernard Ingham:

bernard ingham hillsborough letter

Senior Tories also told relatives of those who died to “shut up” about the Hillsborough disaster.

This completely different reaction from senior Tories has of course nothing to do with the fact that the victim of ‘plebgate’ was also a senior Tory whereas the victims of the Hillsborough disaster were obviously not.

They were just, well ….. plebs I suppose?


For the real facts about the Hillsborough tragedy – have a look here:

Hillsborough Justice Campaign


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