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(not satire – it’s the Lib Dems!)

Ed Davey is the Liberal Democrat Energy Secretary in the coalition government – the person who was mainly responsible for the deal to allow the Chinese and the French to build a new nuclear power station in Somerset at the expense of the UK consumer.

Davey called the deal “good value for Britain‘.

But take a look at this leaflet from Ed Davey’s own website archives from before he became a government minister:

ed daveyLet’s look at the part where he mentions ‘national concerns‘ a little bit more closely:

ed davey 2And perhaps a little more closely still:

ed davey 3Oppose the building of new nuclear power stations“?

That’s some turnaround.

What happened Ed? Someone make you a job offer you couldn’t refuse?

One that comes with a ministerial chauffeur-driven car perhaps?


(PS – notice what Davey also says on the leaflet about tuition fees and post offices)


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