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Theresa May yesterday admitted that the Home Office’s controversial “go home” vans had been “too much of a blunt instrument”, as she confirmed the campaign had not persuaded enough UKIP voters to go back to voting Conservative.

The Home Office came under fire for using the ads, displayed on billboards carried by vans in six London boroughs, reading, “Voting UKIP? But we hate foreigners too!”

In comments to MPs, May said she had studied an evaluation of the campaign and concluded that only one ex-Conservative UKIP voter had agreed to go back to the party as a result of the campaign – and that was only after reading about the vans in the Guardian.

She said the experiment trialled in parts of London in July was not going to be extended during the second reading of the government’s controversial ‘We Hate Immigrants Just As Much As Farage (No Really We Do)‘ bill.


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