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(not satire – it’s the UK today!)

Worrying evidence is emerging that one of the presumably unintended consequences of the bedroom tax is that drug gangs are benefiting from it.

Tenants who are getting into debt because of the government’s so-called ‘spare room tax’ are being approached by drug gangs who are offering cash in return for being allowed to make use of the rooms as ‘safe houses’ for growing and refining drugs.

Here’s an article about it from local paper the Birmingham Mail:

Council tenants hit by bedroom tax ‘farm out rooms to drugs gangs’

I’d love to hear Cameron wriggle out of that one at Prime Minister’s Question Time.

But unfortunately for us – Her Majesty’s Opposition are stuck in the Westminster bubble just as much as the government is – so they’re not likely to know anything about it either let alone question Cameron in parliament about it.

Anyone feel like telling them?


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