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(not satire – it’s the UK today!)

Cameron’s in China, yet again trying to persuade the Chinese government to buy up invest in Britain.

Chinese organisations and businesses with close links to the Chinese Communist leadership already have large stakes and controlling interests in huge parts of UK essential infrastructure such as water, gas, electricity, telecommunications and transport.

George Osborne on his recent visit persuaded the Chinese government to buy a stake in the UK’s biggest water and sewage company, Thames Water, which serves about 14 million customers. Osborne himself said he hoped this was just the beginning of Chinese investment in UK infrastructure.

Chinese companies already own large and growing stakes in UK power companies and already control Northumberland Water.

The Chinese also control UK telecommunications networks such as 3UK and other telecommunications companies.

And at the moment we are seeing another drive by Cameron and the UK government to sell off even more UK infrastructure to Chinese investors.

Perhaps you’re comfortable with the Chinese controlling your water and power supplies and being in charge of your communication services.

But if so many people are concerned about the loss of UK sovereignty to the EU, shouldn’t we be having a referendum on the loss of our sovereignty to the Chinese too?


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