Countless social media profiles and internet timelines in the UK have been flooded with comments and thousands of people are at risk of being seriously offended after a super-storm of self-righteous outrage hit Twitter today. 

The vast Twitter storm – caused by Adrian Chiles comments about Polish builders  – generated hot air of up to 135mph and forced huge waves of indignation far across the internet before it struck the shores of Facebook and Google+ late on Saturday.

However the storm weakened as a cold front of common sense and reason prevailed and experts say they knew of only seven deaths of Twitter accounts – most of which were thought to have been killed off after their owners got fed up with the large deluge of bullshit which was deposited across the internet by the storm.

An official with the Internet Meteorological Department told reporters:

The intensity of outrage caused by the Twitter storm is still strong, but after crossing the limits of ridiculousness it has thankfully now weakened considerably.


Meanwhile in the real world real storms are causing the deaths of large numbers of people and are leaving hundreds of thousands of families homeless without barely getting a mention by anyone on social media.


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