(not satire – it’s the UK today!)

Finnish students are ranked as the best educated in Europe – way ahead of the UK when it comes to educational competence.

Interestingly, Finnish pupils don’t start school until they’re 7 years old and aren’t formally tested at all until they’re 16.

The UK government meanwhile has recently announced that children in UK schools should start being formally tested from the age of 5.

Finnish schools also have one of the highest teacher/student ratios in the world – whereas the UK is ruthlessly cutting its teachers and teaching staff.

And just this week, Education Secretary Michael Gove’s close adviser Dominic Cummings argued that education, schools and teachers are mostly irrelevant because intelligence is mainly genetic.

So Gove and the coalition government clearly believe that no matter what we do, British children will always do worse at school than Finnish children because we’re just naturally thicker than those clever Finns?

Well, they can speak for themselves.

Mind you, this does of course explain why the government has been so keen to cut education funding to a minimum and turn schools into profit-making enterprises rather than places of educational excellence.

Because after all, if we can’t educate kids – we might as well make a handsome profit from them.

Does everyone realise these idiots are actually in charge of our childrens’ education?

I suggest being afraid – very afraid.


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