(not satire – it’s the fashion industry!)

Everybody will by now have heard about or seen Miley Cyrus’s controversial Wrecking Ball video in which she prostitutes herself in a no doubt highly successful desperate effort to sell more units.

And probably most people will have also heard about the spat between Miley and Sinead O’Connor who wrote an open letter warning her not to allow herself to be exploited as a young woman.

But how many people will have heard that the director of Miley’s naked romp in her Wrecking Ball video has been accused by many models of sexually abusing them during fashion shoots and at fashion industry parties?

See this shocking 2010 article from Jezebel about fashion photographer Terry Richardson:

Exclusive: More Models Come Forward With Allegations Against Fashion Photographer


And who was the director of the Wrecking Ball video?

The very same Terry Richardson.


Credit to Sinead – looks like she was right after all.


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