In a shocking testament to the decline of family values in the UK today, Sun investigators have found that up to 100% of British badgers in the UK have been BORN OUTSIDE MARRIAGE, and as many as all of them have never been in employment, education or training.

And according to our exclusive research, across most areas of Britain a staggering four in ten badgers are UNDER THE AGE OF 2 when they have children.

The data shows the fastest growth in bastards over the past 20 years has been among white and BLACK FEMALE badgers – most of whom have had little or no education or training and have never been in part-time or full-time employment.

And with two-thirds of badgers in the U.K. born to unmarried, unemployed mothers UNDER THE AGE OF 3, it is clear the majority of badgers across the country are COMPLETE AND UTTER BASTARDS who need to be shot or gassed or poisoned. Or have their heads kicked in.

THE SUN SAYS – badgers are bastards! Cull ’em NOW!


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