In a shocking exclusive by the Sun today, investigative reporters from the newspaper revealed the extent of the crisis in dental care after studies showed that more than 98% of murderers have had dental problems in the past and most have been a dental patient at some time in their lives.

The newspaper called for an immediate overhaul of dental treatment after it unearthed research which shows that the vast majority of murderers, rapists and burglars convicted of serious crimes in the last decade have had reason to visit a dentist at least once in their lives – with some having been treated for dental illnesses so severe they required medication such as injections and even in some cases surgery.

The shocking revelations come not long after the government announced plans to ban men between the ages of 18 and 55 from public places after experts revealed most crimes were committed by them.


Murdoch you blockhead – are you really so thick you don’t understand

CORRELATION is not the same as CAUSATION?


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