(not satire – it’s Mandy Mandelson!)

Lord Mandelson – who has been strongly criticising Labour’s plans for a freeze on energy bills – has been accused of bias because his lobbying company Global Counsel is suspected of having business links to the energy firms.

The problem is noone can find those links because Mandelson goes to great lengths to make sure Global Counsel hides them.

But a quick check of Global Counsel staff reveals a senior advisor by the name of Geoffrey Norris.

As soon as I saw the name it rang a bell.

Norris is described by Global Counsel itself as “an expert in energy and industrial policy” but I remember him as being a controversial adviser to New Labour.

Controversial because in 2008 Norris – as an official adviser to the PM – was found to have beenhaving secret meetings with the chiefs of private companies which stood to profit from proposed changes in government policy.

Which chiefs from which companies?

Oh that’s right. Energy chiefs from energy companies.

So Mandelson’s private firm is openly employing a senior adviser on energy policy who has already been found out for having secret meetings with energy firms which were trying to influence government energy policy.

Now let’s go back to the original theory.

Could Lord Mandelson’s criticism of Labour’s energy price freeze be influenced by the fact that his company has links to energy firms?

What is it mathematicians say when they’ve proven a theory?

Oh yes.



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