Liberal Democrat MPs and activists are to be told they will be stripped of their ministerial state benefits when huge numbers of them become unemployed after the next election, according to well-placed sources close to David Cameron.

dramatic extension of the conditions attached to state handouts to Liberal Democrat ministers will be unveiled at the Conservative party conference next week, including an ending of tax-payer-funded chauffeur-driven ministerial cars and massive ministerial expense accounts,

Tory ministers are convinced a new US-style ‘work for the dole’ scheme for workshy Liberal Democrats will help to reduce Britain’s vast MPs expenses bill and curb the something-for-nothing culture which Conservative ministers say has become endemic amongst Liberal Democrats in the coalition.

Work and Pensions Secretary Iain Duncan Smith told Pride’s Purge:

It’s not acceptable for Liberal Democrats to expect to live a life on state handouts doing absolutely nothing at the taxpayers’ expense as they have been doing since the last election.

The announcement comes as a poll today finds overwhelming support for stricter conditions for long-term, workshy, pointless Liberal Democrat politicians who expect to live a life of luxury doing nothing at all at taxpayer’s expense.


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