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Britain, France and the US on Thursday tried to pile pressure on an increasingly emboldened Vladimir Putin by producing new evidence which proves that blowing children up on their way to school with cruise missiles is better than gassing them in their beds with lethal sarin nerve gas

The predominantly British claims were based on tests of clothing and soil samples that David Cameron said had been taken from Syria which showed that children who were blown up were much less likely to suffer than children who were suffocated with chemical weapons.

On the first day of G20 summit in St Petersburg – dominated by the conflict between the West and Russia over how Syrian children should be killed – the British prime minister said:

Samples taken from Damascus and tested in the Porton Down laboratory in Britain clearly show that the gassing of children by the Assad regime is considerably worse than the rebels cutting their heads off and eating their still-beating hearts. And blowing them up from the air with rockets is better still.

That is why we say – enough! It’s time to put a stop to this appalling killing of children in Syria. By killing more children in Syria.


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