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(not satire)

I’m old enough to remember British Rail when it was a nationalised service.

It wasn’t perfect by any means but I remember the one thing passengers complained about the most.

The sandwiches.

Not the price of tickets, the safety record, the overcrowding or the waste of taxpayers’ money.

It was the poor quality of the sandwiches.

Admittedly the sandwiches sold on BR trains were pretty awful it’s true, but then ready-made sandwiches were pretty woeful in the 1970s wherever you bought them.

So why are politicians so surprised by the fact that time and time again polls show the public want railways to be renationalised – by as many as 75% in some cases.

But it’s not just the railways the public would prefer to be state-run.

In a recent poll, a massive 69% of people said energy firms should be renationalised (this part of the poll was not widely reported, but you can find the fact buried in the middle of this BBC report).

The truth is – despite mainstream media and politicians’ attempts to ignore the fact – the public have overwhelmingly turned against privatisation and massively favour state ownership over privatisation for most essential services.

Now – if there is one thing which defined Thatcherite and New Labour policies over the last three decades it was ‘private=good state=bad‘.

So why is this massive and very important sea-change in public opinion being ignored by the media and politicians alike?

Answers on a postcard please to your local MP – whoever he or she may be.


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