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Jamie Oliver’s right!

Why are poor families feeding their children junk food when they have perfectly good TVs and other electrical equipment they can give them to eat instead?

As Jamie has rightly pointed out, if all the components are used carefully, one giant TV screen could feed an entire family of four for a week, especially if it is supplemented with other household equipment such as irons, kettles and toasters.

Jamie has been campaigning for years to show how electrical equipment is full of all sorts of nutritious things essential for growing children – such as iron, phosphorus and zinc – and if the goods are cooked along with their power cables they will also provide all the essential fibres your family needs.

And while junk food has been found to contain all sorts of unhealthy additives, electrical goods are guaranteed free of things such as monosodium glutamates, salt and sugar as well as having zero levels of fat.

There has not been one case of a television set or any other electrical household goods containing traces of illegal horse meat.

So if you’re poor and are struggling to feed your family – take Jamie’s advice.



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