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Jim Davidson will face no further action over allegations going back to the 1970s that he was once a criminally crap comedian who attempted to make people laugh, the CPS has said.

The 59-year-old was first arrested in January by detectives from Operation Yewtree, on allegations he had regularly abused audiences with an act full of corny, unfunny racist gags.

The CPS said it had considered 10 allegations against Mr Davidson but said there was “insufficient evidence that the suspect had ever actually made anyone laugh by telling a joke, let alone work as a professional comedian”.

Davidson was re-arrested in March after further allegations emerged that he had abused members of several BBC studio audiences by attempting to be funny on BBC premises.

Mr Davidson had consistently denied allegations he was ever a crap 1970s comedian known as ‘Uncle Nick Nick’ who was responsible for decades long abuse of numerous audience members in theatres and television screens across the country.


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