by Katie Hopkins

Make no mistake about it – if we want more equality for women in this country a lot more puppies will have to be put to death. And the cuter the puppies are and the more horrible the death – the sooner women will achieve equal status with men.

There are two simple reasons for this.

Firstly – being squeamish is a trait women can no longer afford.

If we want to be regarded as equals to men – we will have to put aside our traditional aversion to murdering cute little snub-nosed, dewy-eyed baby doggies and let them have it with a sledge hammer or any other power tool men seem to think only they can use.

And secondly, the more outrageous and offensive the statements I make in the media – such as killing puppies or strangling kittens – the more I will be invited to appear on TV shows and write newspaper columns.

Which would be a real victory for women’s rights and equal pay.

Mainly mine.

So – in the name of equal rights – kill those puppies NOW.


All proceeds from this guest post will be donated to Katie Hopkins Limited a charity which campaigns for the rights of Katie Hopkins to continue making as much money as possible by saying the most outrageous things she can think of to get people to notice her.


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