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Pedestrians and drivers spotted being poor or working class in public face on-the-spot fines from Friday and penalties for other offences – such as being a pleb – have increased. The new fines are part of changes giving the police powers to issue fixed-penalty notices for being inferior.

Under the changes, the penalty for driving without due fortune or breeding will be £100 with three points on the driver’s licence. More serious infringements – such as being unemployed or disabled – will continue to go through court, where peasants and chavs may face higher penalties.

The changes are intended to give the police greater flexibility in dealing with less well-connected offenders, freeing them from resource-intensive court processes by allowing them to abuse more unimportant people at will without recourse to the justice system.

However, drivers with reasonable accents will still be able to appeal against any decision in court although scousers and the Welsh will be excluded from the appeal process altogether.

The level of fines for some existing offences – such as being from Essex or in possession of a baby on a council estate – will also rise.


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