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The grooming of middle-aged paedophiles by predatory teenage girls on the web or elsewhere is set to become a specific offence after a court heard how an innocent 41-year old man was cynically groomed for sex by what was described by the prosecution as a predatory 13-year old girl.

The Sex Offences Bill (protection of middle-aged men), published today by the Home Office, includes a new offence which will outlaw teenagers from meeting any paedophile over the age of 20 online or offline with the intention of luring him into sexually abusing her.

The bill’s publication is the latest step in the government’s plan to overhaul UK sex laws and clamp down on abuse of middle-aged men by teenage girls – a move sparked by the highlighting of the shocking abuse of a helpless 41-year old paedophile during the trial of a ruthless teenage girl who was described as ‘predatory’ by the judge and prosecution.

New powers also announced will allow police to intervene and place a civil preventative order on any schoolgirl possessing a school uniform within a mile radius of any convicted paedophile between the ages of 18 and 92.

However, teenage boys are expected to be exempt from the new regulations after consultations with senior Conservative cabinet ministers.


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