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Looks like Sunday Times political editor Isabel Oakeshott not only likes to sell out her friends – not to mention her sources – but it seems she’s not averse to tipping off people being investigated by other reporters too.

Oakeshott’s further sleazy behaviour has been revealed by an extraordinary anonymous Twitter account called Charlotte Fakeovers – which has been leaking confidential emails related to the dodgy goings-on leading to the insolvency of Rangers Football Club.

One of the leaked emails reveals that Oakeshott tipped off the club’s PR representative Jack Irvine that his client’s finances were being investigated by a journalist working for the Sunday Mail, Brendan McGinty – someone Oakeshott says she regards as an old friend!

This kind of behaviour – tipping off people being investigated by a fellow journalist (and friend) and revealing your own sources – would be regarded as something akin to blasphemy by most reputable journalists.

Which is presumably why the Guardian’s Roy Greenslade asked Oakeshott about the leaked email via Twitter.

Tut tut tut Isabel – whatever next in your attempt to work your way through the pantheon of journalistic sacrilege?

Selling off someone’s grandmother? Your own perhaps?


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