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A suspected Muslim mosque has been found near a Wolverhampton bomb, making it the third explosive device to be targeted by Muslims in the West Midlands in a month.

Police said traces of debris from a Mosque-like building near the explosion was consistent with suspected Muslim victims deliberately making themselves the targets of a bomb blast in the detonation on Friday.

West Midlands police also announced that specialist officers called in to search the area around the bomb on Thursday had found allegedly Islamic debris on a nearby roundabout suspiciously near to the blast. 

The information that Islamic victims may have been responsible for getting themselves hurt in the blast has led police to suspect that a Wolverhampton mosque could have been placed near the device some weeks before.

West Midlands police said they were acting on information that unspecified Muslims had been seen “walking” “talking” and even “shopping” near to the area of the bomb site just before the device exploded on 28 June.


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