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The Met Office has warned the record-breaking amount of hot air emanating from the Liberal Democrats will last well into next year and is likely to continue for possibly as long as until the next general election.

Forecasters last night said Britain could see well above-average temperatures of wind and gas emissions from the junior coalition partners with the entire country expected to get even hotter under the collar as a result of the unusually inert gasses being generated by Nick Clegg and his fellow Lib Dem ministers.

The warnings come not long after researchers into climate change have speculated that the enormous amounts of wind and gas being generated by Liberal Democrat MPs and activists to justify being in coalition with the Tories could be a significant cause of global warming.

However, a Liberal Democrat spokesperson dismissed the criticisms, saying that if the UK actually invested in more onshore wind-powered Liberal Democrat MPs, they would produce enough hot air, wind and gasses to power the country for the next half a century or so at least.


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