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(not satire – it’s the Tories!)

All credit to her, Tory MP Sarah Wollaston has decided to put public health before any chance of her own advancement in her party by publicly criticising the recent decision by David Cameron to drop plans for plain packaging for cigarettes.

This decision has been linked to Cameron’s appointment of Australian PR ‘guru’ Lynton Crosby as the Tories’ top election strategist  – a man whose PR firm is paid by top tobacco companies to lobby governments against policies like plain packaging.

Yesterday Wollaston tweeted a picture of a toad with this message (now deleted):

textor the toad

Who is Textor?

Lynton Crosby’s PR firm is called Crosby Textor and Crosby’s Australian business partner is called Mark Textor – someone like Crosby who is also known to have close links to tobacco companies.

So not a very veiled suggestion by Wollaston that Crosby and his big tobacco lobbyist firm should be unceremoniously ‘frog marched’ out of a job.

I like her style but why delete the tweet I wonder? Worried she might end up being persecuted for her disloyalty by Cameron’s Eton mafia like fellow disloyal Tory Nadine Dorries was?


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