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Britain’s Breadline Parliament

A shocking report by anti-parliamentary poverty organisation The Independent Parliamentary Standards Authority  – which campaigns to reduce poverty among the UK’s most deprived members of parliament  – reveals the extent of extreme poverty being experienced by the UK’s lowest earning politicians.

The report says that as many as 33 per cent of the UK’s parliamentary population suffers from multiple deprivation and extreme poverty – with many unable to afford third homes, adequate heating for their stables and a hot meal in a Michelin starred restaurant of their choice at least once a day.

In a statement on the shocking findings, IPSA chairman Sir Ian Kennedy said:

The findings of this study are shocking, indicating a level of poverty and deprivation among MPs which should be a wake-up call to policymakers and the public at large.

The shameful results present a remarkably bleak portrait of life in the UK today for members of parliament and the shrinking opportunities faced by the bottom third of UK parliamentary society.

We must act fast or this bleak situation will only get worse – and that is why we are recommending we give MPs a rise in salary to around £75,000 – and an increase in perks such as dinners, taxi rides and champagne on expenses.

The report also highlighted how many Conservative MPs in particular were having to take second, third and sometimes fourth jobs to make ends meet. This often means having to take on menial jobs such as non-executive directorships – with many having to spend precious time away from their families and mistresses attending board meetings which can be as often as once or even twice a year.


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