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(not satire – it’s British ‘intelligence’)

I’ve just been reading the excellent new biography of Dr David Kelly by Robert Lewis – Dark Actors: The Life and Death of Dr David Kelly

Be warned though – the book won’t satisfy conspiracy theorists because Lewis concludes that Kelly probably did commit suicide.

And it won’t satisfy anyone with even the slightest trace of anti-Blair sentiment either – which let’s face it includes just about everyone on the planet barring Dan Hodges.

So I can’t see the book being popular, which is a pity because I think Lewis hits the nail on the head when it comes to why Kelly died.

By examining Kelly’s life and career from the beginning, Lewis comes to the conclusion that far from being a disloyal whistle-blower – Kelly was in fact as loyal as they come.

He also suggests Kelly regularly briefed journalists on behalf of secret security services like MI5 and MI6 – something which was and had been for a long time part of his undeclared job description for British intelligence.

The conclusion? That Kelly was most likely simply following orders by MI6 to start briefing journalists against the Blair government and its disastrous decision to invade Iraq on the basis of non-existent WMD’s.

As Lewis himself puts it – this was in order for MI6 to make sure it was the Blair government which got the blame for confecting claims about Iraqi WMD – not British intelligence.

However, once the shit hit the fan, MI6 dropped Kelly like a hot brick – even informing him just before he died that they were withdrawing his security clearance.

This could well have put Kelly in a position where he would have been facing the loss of his job, his reputation and even jail time – something he may have decided was too much to put his family through.

This all seems to me the most likely explanation for the events which led to the tragic death of Dr David Kelly – notwithstanding the fact that very few people will like a conclusion which doesn’t a) blame Blair entirely for what happened and b) involve extra-judicial murder by James Bond type people.

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