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(not satire unfortunately – it’s the UKIP)

Unfortunately in these intolerant times, there’s nothing new about graves being desecrated by far-right extremists.

However, along with the usual swastikas, BNP, NF, EDL graffiti we expect to find among their familiar handiwork, there’s a relatively new tag turning up more and more.


Here’s some graffiti left by far-right wing extremists on a grave yesterday in a cemetery in Newport Wales:

UKIP - swastikaAs you can see, below the BNP and above the swastika someone has painted the word ‘UKIP’.

More proof of what I’ve been saying for a long time now – that the UKIP are not in the least bit libertarian as they like to claim – they’re just good old fashioned far-right authoritarians who hate foreigners, Muslims, Jews, blacks, gays and all the other usual targets swivel-eyed right-wing loons like to blame for their own inadequacies.

What more proof do we need of UKIP’s extremism?


Here’s the full story of the desecration from Hope Not Hate:

Muslim graves at Christchurch Cemetery, Newport, desecrated by racist vandals


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