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The BBC apologised today after more than 100 viewers contacted the corporation to voice their disapproval about George Osborne’s revealing budget address to parliament which was broadcast before the watershed.

Some viewers complained that Mr Osborne’s shockingly low cuts to essential services during his address were inappropriate and could easily traumatise any young people who may be exposed to them – as well as the sick, the elderly and the poor.

A BBC spokesman said:

We’re sorry if some viewers found the cuts in George’s address to be too low.

However, we believe his address was appropriate for a chancellor like George – who is famous for his trade-mark big busts, especially of small businesses.

The controversy comes not long after the British Board of Film Classification dubbed another cabinet minister Michael Gove too scary for children under 12 and warned parents that exposure to the Education Secretary could seriously traumatise children of school age for the rest of their lives. 


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