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There’s a fascinating article in today’s Guardian by the inimitable John Harris about how the Tories have captured the hearts and minds of voters under 34 years old.

The article argues very convincingly that there is less support for the welfare state now among under 34-year-olds than among older age groups and that young people are backing the Tories.

In support of his thesis, Harris points to polling which shows that since David Cameron took over the Tory leadership in 2005, the party’s support among the under 34s has more than doubled and now stands at 20.5%.

Which – if you think about it – actually means a trifling 79.5% of under 34s DON’T support the Tories.

Don’t cha just love statistics?


You can read John Harris’s article here:

Generation Y: why young voters are backing the Conservatives


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