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(not satire – it’s Charles Saatchi!)

Well now. It seems Nigella’s is not the first throat Charles Saatchi has grabbed in anger.

During a court case involving Charles way back in 2005, a witness statement accused him of doing exactly the same thing, when he was in what was described to the court as a “deep rage”:

….the court heard allegations that Mr Saatchi had gone into a “deep rage” and grabbed a Cadogan company director, Peter Caselton, by the throat in a row over the behaviour of a security guard.

You can read about the case and Saatchi’s previous throat grabbing incident in this 2005 Guardian article:

Saatchi Gallery gets its marching orders

Considering the amount of press and public interest the Charles Saatchi/Nigella Lawson throat grabbing episode received – it’s somewhat surprising no-one picked up on this before.

I’m no legal expert, but it seems to me this information somewhat undermines Saatchi’s claims that the grabbing of his wife’s throat was just part of a “playful tiff”.

And if the police were aware Saatchi already had ‘previous’ for this kind of disgraceful behaviour when they interviewed him, would it have affected their decision to let him off with just a caution I wonder?


A big thanks to @We_R_SURVIVORS for the digging.


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