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(not satire – it’s the UK today!)

The EU this week criticised the Turkish police’s harsh crackdown on protesters, saying that a “swift and transparent” investigation of their tactics was needed.

In response to the brutal crackdown, you may have heard that demonstrators in Turkey have recently taken up a new method of protesting – standing still in public places.

Even the Turkish police are impressed by the new tactics:

“This is a good way of demonstrating, a very good way,” one riot police officer said of the stand-in. “There is absolutely nothing wrong with peaceful protests; that should be everybody’s right.”

Well I don’t know about other EU countries, but it’s worth pointing out that standing still in public places as a protest would get you arrested in the UK.

Obstructing a public highway is illegal in the UK – and although the European Convention on Human Rights guarantees right to assembly – it only guarantees the right to peaceful, non-obstructive assemblies.

So here – unlike in Turkey – if you tried the ‘standing’ protest, you’d be done for obstruction.

Is nobody else worried by the fact we’re behind even Turkey when it comes to our civil liberties?


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