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A spokesperson for Tony Blair has denied rumours that the former UK Prime Minister is having an affair with media mogul Rupert Murdoch’s left buttock.

When asked by a reporter from Business Insider to comment on the rumoured affair, the spokesperson said:

If you are asking if Mr Blair and the left-hand side of Mr Murdoch’s hindquarters are having an affair, the answer is no.

However the Blair denial itself has caused speculation by those who point out it does not rule out an affair in the past or indeed an ongoing relationship between the former Labour leader and the right-hand side of the multi-billionaire owner of News Corporation’s tailpiece.

The marriage of the Australian media mogul’s posterior to Mr Blair is Mr Murdoch’s third to a British Prime Minister and the present UK leader David Cameron is also said by insiders to have been spotted regularly in very close proximity to Mr Murdoch’s tush.


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